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5 Sweet Summer Recycling Tips

By July 19, 2017November 16th, 2023No Comments

Everyone knows that now is the perfect time to kick back, relax and enjoy that sweet, sweet summer time. That means spending the majority of the time hanging out in the great outdoors soaking up some vitamin D and enjoying all the natural beauty Texas has to offer. And while we might be on vacation, there are still plenty of ways to help your communities environment this Summer!

Here are five easy tips you can do to Keep Texas Beautiful this summer:

1) At your next summer BBQ or Cookout take the time to separate plates, cans, bottles and waste!
One of the best parts of summer is spending time with family and friends eating good food at backyard parties. Next time you host or attend, designate separate bags for aluminum cans, paper plates, glass bottles and waste! It will help with the cleanup and make the recycling much easier!

2) Use a cooler as your recycling bin next time you go to an outdoor concert/beach/picnic
Going hiking? Seeing a show at your local park? Day trip to the beach? Bring your cooler along to keep your items cold first, and then use it as a recycling bin for later! It will be one less item to carry and ensures you wont leave behind any trash!

3) Send the kids to camp with reusable containers for lunches!
Instead of using countless amounts of throwaway plastic baggies try using reusable Tupperware containers for snacks and lunches! It will keep food fresh longer and will save money in the long run!

4) Get thrown in the water? Don’t toss your phone!
Its all happened to us at one point, we lost a phone to water damage. Don’t toss it in the trash just yet, many phones contain heavy metals and hazardous chemicals that could damage the environment.Instead of tossing it away look to your local communities Department of Public Works or similar department for instructions on how to dispose of electronics!

5) Buy a reusable water bottle and hydrate!
The summer heat is no joke and neither is your health! Stay hydrated this summer with a reusable water bottle that will help save hundreds of pounds of plastic waste.

Blog post written by Keep Texas Beautiful Intern, Rachel O’Donnell​