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Form an Affiliate

Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) affiliates are qualifying cities, counties and/or communities that work alongside us in our mission to educate and engage Texans to take responsibility for improving their communities. Affiliates are the volunteers who organize local cleanups, design and implement recycling programs, and educate local populations.

KTB staff wants to ensure prospective affiliates have the resources and tools necessary within their community to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization. A board, commission, or committee consisting of grassroots representatives from the public, private, and civic sectors is a vital part of the long-term success of an affiliate. KTB staff will assess each prospective affiliate and work with the affiliate to provide direction during this crucial time of formation.

Not all groups who show interest in becoming an affiliate meet the eligible criteria. A community eligible to become a KTB affiliate must have a region or regions with shared or adjoining boundaries whose beautification and litter abatement programs are administered by common groups (i.e. city departments, schools, county departments, garden clubs, etc.). A community must also have a census-designated population living within the boundaries of the community. It is important to note that groups do not need to be a KTB affiliate to participate in cleanup events or many of the other programs offered through KTB. KTB affiliates should have goals and/or a strategic plan that aligns with the three KTB focus areas: community beautification, litter prevention, and waste reduction.

Begin the process by filling out our online KTB Prospective Affiliate Form, or view the steps below.

Steps to Affiliation

Congratulations! You have taken an important first step by expressing your interest in becoming an official KTB affiliate community.

Step One

Prospective Affiliate

Step Two

Provisional Affiliate
  • Complete and submit the online affiliate application and $200 application fee.
  • Once all materials have been received by staff, you will move into Provisional Affiliate status and receive online access to our Affiliate-only training resources.

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  • Review the KTB Affiliate Handbook and KTB Affiliate Coordinator Packet to help you:
    • Determine the organizational structure and board membership.
    • Prepare a mission statement.
    • Prepare bylaws, organization guidelines, ordinances, and/or resolution for the organization.
    • Get the facts about your community.
    • Develop a one-year strategic plan, including the project(s) you would like to accomplish in the first year.
    • Establish a budget; this may be in-kind.
    • Develop lists of community/volunteer organizations and media, including any locations that will assist you in accomplishing your intended projects.
  • The Provisional Affiliate Checklist is the final step in the Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) affiliation process. In order to become an Official Keep Texas Beautiful Affiliate, please complete each step below and submit an electronic copy to KTB. Please note that the Intro to KTB Training and Affiliate Application must be complete before submitting the Provisional Affiliate Checklist.

Step Three

Official Affiliate

After you submit of all of the affiliate documents, your application will be reviewed and approved, and you will move into Official Affiliate status.

You will be added to the KTB Affiliate directory and map, and will become eligible for KTB grant opportunities. A KTB Affiliate sign will be shipped to you for display in your community.

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As an Official Affiliate, you are required to submit dues, complete a report, participate in training and conduct an event annually.


KTB strives to provide tools and services to our affiliates that enable them to work on the front lines of our shared missions. The tools and services provided by KTB empower affiliates to focus on and become effective in the mobilization of grassroots volunteers to address such issues as litter prevention, solid waste management, recycling, beautification and general community improvement.

Networking Opportunities

Development & Training

  • A dedicated Programs Team to guide affiliates to meet regional needs and the needs of the affiliate as an organization
  • Templates, best practices and organizational documents
  • Free regional trainings and online webinars covering a variety of topics such as fundraising, program management, volunteer management and event planning
  • Mentorship from established affiliates in your region
  • Annual conference with more than 30 educational sessions and 500 attendees
  • A committee made up of staff, government agencies, peers and board members working on affiliates’ behalf
  • Monthly email newsletters containing news, events and deadlines pertinent to the affiliate network
  • Grant opportunities for affiliates in good standing to be used to create and expand local community improvement programs


  • Statewide recognition for affiliates who meet and exceed annual requirements
  • Direct opportunities to compete in the annual Governor’s Community Achievement Awards (GCAA)
  • Statewide recognition opportunities through the Beautify Texas Awards via the Youth and Educator Awards and Individual and Organization Awards for local affiliate partner programs, educators, youth and volunteers

Program Support

  • Free supplies, signs and volunteer incentives for cleanup events such as the Great American Cleanup, Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off and Keep Texas Waterways Clean programs
  • Use of the KTB logo and reference to KTB affiliation, and assistance with marketing and promotion of local events
  • An official KTB affiliate road sign to display in your community
  • Grant opportunities for local affiliate programs in the areas of recycling, native gardens and cleanup events
  • Access to Don’t mess with Texas campaign materials and support through our partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation
Interested in learning more? Have questions? Please contact us–we’re here to help you get started!