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Inspire and Empower

A special thanks to the companies that show their dedication to environmental stewardship through their support of Keep Texas Beautiful and its environmental education and improvement programs.


Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Texas the best place to live, work, and play by deploying resources for community improvement projects, clean-ups, and youth engagement efforts across the state. Our Keep Texas Recycling program provides assistance and education to support recycling in rural and underserved communities.

Everything we do is focused on mobilizing volunteers to take action by providing them with tools, resources, and training. Our fieldwork includes research on best practices for litter reduction along with the development of community programs to prevent the flow of litter to the Gulf.

Founded in 1967, Keep Texas Beautiful’s work is driven by its network of nearly 300 affiliate member communities, volunteers, and supporters that reach 17 million Texans annually.

Whether you’re a community partner or a corporation, your support is critical in helping Keep Texas Beautiful succeed in our mission. Our supporters are committed to making their community a better place.


Foundations & Community Support

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