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Keep Texas Beautiful and friends of the organization are always on the lookout for great talent. Come grow with us!

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"My experience as a Keep Texas Beautiful Programs intern this fall has been nothing short of an amazing experience. I gained ample hands-on professional experience, through the wide variety of tasks and projects I got to be a part of. The staff is friendly, helpful, and truly cares about outside perspectives and ideas. I have been able to do projects that pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a young professional and I will take these experiences with me in my future career endeavors."

Katie HarrisPrograms Intern, Fall 2021

"Interning with KTB this summer went far beyond my expectations. Not only did I grow and acquire new skills, but I also had the opportunity to collaborate with others and create on my own. It was a perfect balance of learning and participating. The KTB staff set me up for success this summer, providing me with ample freedom and opportunities to make the most of my time at KTB. This internship will most definitely have lasting impacts on my future endeavors."

Kassidy LitchenburgPrograms Intern, Summer '21

"I had an amazing experience interning at KTB this semester! I was able to gain hands-on experience in building a program and to learn about how a nonprofit functions. The KTB team was supportive and encouraging while letting me pursue my own interests and consistently provided me with opportunities to gain valuable skills. Overall, I would recommend everyone to intern at KTB, if they're given the opportunity."

Colton MitchellPrograms Intern, Fall '20

"This summer I was given the wonderful opportunity to serve as the communications intern for KTB, and it was an experience I’m grateful to have had! I grew as a young professional getting the chance to work independently while still being guided along the way encouragingly. I was given the chance to work on a variety of assignments and learned valuable lessons from each that will carry on in my professional career. I’m thankful to have worked with a supportive team that ensured I’m getting the most out of my internship with KTB."

Jazmin VelasquezCommunications Intern, Summer '20

"As an intern at KTB, I had the chance to participate in incredibly important work. I was able to apply what I was learning in school in the real world, and to see what it really takes in order to create meaningful change."

Dan MatzPrograms Intern, Spring '20

"I had a fantastic experience interning at Keep Texas Beautiful this past summer. The work environment was amazing - everyone was welcoming and supportive. I was also given a lot of freedom to pursue my interests that relate to the organization. The job exposed me to a lot of new tasks that helped me gain new skills that I had not acquired in previous work. I truly had the freedom to make the most out of my internship by choosing tasks that I felt would most enhance my skills. Overall, I would definitely recommend interning at KTB if given the opportunity. This has without a doubt been the best summer internship that I have had during my time in college."

Kate CoxPrograms Intern, Summer '19

"My experience as an intern at KTB was nothing short of phenomenal! I couldn't have asked for better co-workers to work alongside. Their genuine care about not only the company, but also about every person in the office was palpable everyday. The Communications team truly cares about the development of your skills, and they take into account your preferences on what type of experiences you want to gain. Overall, I loved every second I spent at KTB. I got to enhance established skills and develop new ones while working alongside a group of some of the most amazing women I've ever met!"

Morgan JohnsonCommunications Intern, Spring '19

"The mentorship and advice I was given from my coworkers was unparalleled and I have taken their words into each experience and job I have had since. Every new idea and thought I had was received with positivity and with careful consideration; I never felt as if I was only an intern. I felt valued and truly helpful during my time at KTB. All in all, I cannot speak highly enough about the women at KTB or the experiences I had. I learned so much and highly recommend pursuing an internship through KTB."

Savannah BurkhartCommunications Intern, Spring '18

"My time at KTB was great, and I can't say enough positive things about my experience -- particularly the excellent coworkers I had, who were friendly, supportive, and offered great mentorship and advice. Most importantly, I think, is how receptive everyone at KTB is to your ideas. If you think something could be done better, or have a different perspective on something, you have the opportunity to change it. In my opinion, that's the most important thing about a job, especially an internship, because that's how you learn. All in all, I cannot recommend KTB enough."

Sam LynaughCommunications Intern, Fall '17