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Our Patch Program is designed to give recognition to the outstanding efforts of Scouts in their communities. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire youth, or other youth group members may earn patches by participating in various events.


Keep Texas Beautiful Patch Program seeks to encourage Texas youth to get involved in clean-ups and be conscious of the environment.
Our goal is to provide Scouts with rich resources
  • Provide the opportunity to honor Scouts for their significant contributions toward keeping Texas beautiful.
  • Educate Scouts about the Keep Texas Beautiful’s mission and involve them in community activities relating to our focus areas of litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction.
  • Creative ways to earn patches.


Keep Texas Beautiful’s Youth Patch Program was launched and supported by the Honorable Ruthe Jackson, a founding member of KTB and councilwoman in Grand Prairie.

For years Ms. Jackson fulfilled patch orders out of her home. Eventually, the state officials took over the ordering and inventory duties, but through the years the program fell by the wayside. At Ms. Jackson’s urging, the Youth Committee revived the program. The committee redesigned and reordered patches, and Ms. Jackson paid for the initial inventory. She requested that KTB charge a fee for the patches in the future so that KTB could maintain a list for years to come.

We continue to improve our patch program in Ms. Jackson’s memory. Today we have five different patches and more in the works. We believe recognizing youth for their environmental efforts is key to creating a sustainable future.

Scout Pack

  • What exactly is Scout Pack and how do you get involved?

    Scout Pack is a creative way to earn our KTB patch. If you’re involved in Boys or Girls Scouts, it can even help you earn a Soil & Water Conservation Patch or complete your It’s Your Planet-Love It Journey. To participate in this program, you can register your youth group for the Don’t mess with Texas® Trash-off event taking place during the month of April. You also have the option of registering for our Fall Sweep Cleanup happening in the fall. The most exciting part of Scout Pack is the custom patches to show off all the great work you did with Keep Texas Beautiful!

    Volunteering during adolescence helps our young Texans know how to keep Texas clean and shows them how littering can affect our environment.


Keep Texas Beautiful

Earn the Keep Texas Beautiful patch by participating in a cleanup event, improvement project, or environmental activity that is sponsored by a KTB affiliate.

I Keep Texas Beautiful

Earn the I Keep Texas Beautiful patch by participating or hosting any activity relating to litter prevention, beautification, waste reduction, or environmental education.

America Recycles Day

The America Recycles Day patch is designed to encourage Scouts to participate on America Recyles Day by spreading the word about the benefits of recycling and to practice recycling themselves.

I Can Dig It

The I Can Dig It patches are earned by doing a project or event that involves digging in the dirt or being a part of nature. This may include planting trees or flowers, building a garden or maintaining an existing one, spending the day in nature, and many other activities.

Don't Mess with Texs Trash Off

Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off patches are earned by participation in a cleanup event or improvement project that is done during the designated Trash-Off days.

Keep Texas Waterways Clean

The Keep Texas Waterways Clean patch aims to encourage youth to participate in the restoration of local waterways.

Scout Cleanup Toolkit

Organize your event


  • Choose the date, time, and location of your cleanup.
  • Register your youth group for one of KTB’s Cleanup Campaigns: Great American Cleanup, Keep Texas Waterways Clean, and/or Fall Sweep.
Volunteer Safety Tips
PPE Litter Cleanup Guidance
Register Your Event


  • Take before and after photos of the cleanup site as well as shots of your volunteers in action and a final group picture with all of the trash collected. You can submit these with your data card or tag @KeepTXBeautiful on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. If you’re hosting a cleanup, remind volunteers to review the information they entered into the Data Cards and then make sure they submit!


  • Collect all completed paper data forms to submit to Keep Texas Beautiful. Ensure all trash is left in the designated drop-off location and that no materials are left behind as you leave the cleanup location.
  • Share exciting moments on social media and be sure to tag Keep Texas Beautiful @KeepTxBeautiful on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
Scout Pack Logos
Data Collection Card
Sample Photo Release
  • Celebrate your group’s hard work by rewarding them with our Keep Texas Beautiful patches!
Soil & Water Conservation Patch

Requirements for the Soil and Water Conservation badge

It’s Your Planet-Love It Journey

Requirements for It’s Your Planet-Love It Journey