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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

By March 6, 2019No Comments

Spring is the time of changing seasons and beautiful weather. It is also a time when countless people are taking time off to travel! Spring Break is finally here, and we composed a list of some handy eco-friendly travel tips to use during your next vacation! Every person in the world makes an impact on the planet. By living an eco-friendly life, we can make a positive impact. Use this Spring Break as a chance to make the biggest impact you can.

 1.) Pack Light

Did you know that the weight of an airplane alters its level of carbon emissions? The heavier the plane and luggage it is carrying, the more carbon it is emitting. We know how tempting it is to bring half your closet on a trip. Everyone wants to look their best for any possible Instagram photo shoot. You don’t need to over-pack to look fabulous! Plan out each day and what you will need. Save everything else for your next trip!

2.) Use Eco-Friendly Transportation 

Every trip demands a different kind of transportation. When traveling in metropolitan areas, use the public transportation. It is very cost effective and eco-friendly. Taking a tour of a city or traveling short distances? Use a bike! Bicycles allow you to access a city in ways you can’t in a car or train and are very cheap to rent. If public transportation and bikes won’t suffice, rent a hybrid car. Hybrid cars are growing increasingly popular, and more car rental shops are offering them. They provide the convenience of a regular car, but consume less gas and emit less pollution!

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3.) Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

 Travelling over Spring Break usually consists of a lot of time outside, exploring new places, and fun in the sun. All that excitement can be very dehydrating. When traveling, we all need a lot of water, but that doesn’t have to mean plastic bottled water. When traveling, bring your favorite refillable water bottle. In many places you can fill it up at your hotel or filtration stations. Traveling somewhere where the tap water isn’t safe to drink? There are refillable bottles that have built-in water filters. Modern technology is beautiful!

4.) Get Involved Locally

One of the best aspects of travelling is getting to immerse yourself in a different community. Interacting and engaging with the locals and living like the natives is an amazing experience! This year, get away from the tourist scenes, and really get involved locally. One great way to do that is to participate in local beautification projects. You’ll be able to help and connect with the community in ways you couldn’t otherwise. A quick Google search will help you find events happening in your travel destination. Traveling in Texas? Find a local KTB Affiliate here! Whether you are travelling alone, with a companion, or with a group, there a number of events you can participate in that will impact the local community. Here, you can find local cleanups, youth events and many more volunteering opportunities!

We hope your Spring Break consists of having fun, staying safe and going green!

Blog Post Written By Morgan Johnson, Communications Intern.