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by Karla Camacho, KTB ‘s Communications Coordinator

Cover Photo from Black Women Who

In celebration of Black History Month, it is essential to recognize and honor the contributions of Black individuals and organizations in the environmental movement. Here are five remarkable Black Texan environmentalists and organizations who have made significant strides in fostering sustainability, equity, and conservation efforts:

Black Environmentalists and Organizations in Texas

Dr. Robert Bullard

Renowned as the “Father of Environmental Justice,” Dr. Robert Bullard has been a leading voice in advocating for marginalized communities affected by environmental hazards. His work with the Black Environmental Justice Network has been instrumental in addressing environmental racism and advocating for equitable policies. Learn more about Dr. Bullard’s impactful initiatives.

Black Women Who

Women Who is a dynamic platform empowering Black women to thrive in various fields, including environmental activism. Through storytelling, advocacy, and community building, Women Who amplifies the voices and contributions of Black women in environmental sustainability. Discover the inspiring work of Black Women Who.

Ivy Farms

Ivy Farms, nestled in Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood, is a beacon of hope for food equity and access. This third-generation Black-owned agriculture enterprise is committed to tackling food insecurity through sustainable farming practices and community engagement. Explore Ivy Farms’ journey towards fostering food equity.

Black United Fund of Texas

The Black United Fund of Texas (BUFTX) is dedicated to empowering Black communities through various initiatives, including environmental justice projects. Their collaborative efforts with governmental and non-profit organizations aim to address environmental disparities and enhance community resilience. Learn more about BUFTX’s impactful endeavors.

Outdoor Afro

Outdoor Afro is a national non-profit organization with a vibrant presence in Texas, promoting Black leadership in conservation and outdoor recreation. By fostering connections to nature and cultural heritage, Outdoor Afro is reshaping the narrative of who engages with and cares for the environment. Join the Outdoor Afro community and explore the great outdoors.

Throughout Black History Month and into the future, it is imperative that we honor and elevate the invaluable contributions made by these extraordinary Black environmentalists and organizations. Their resilience, creativity, and steadfast commitment shine as guiding lights, inspiring us toward a future defined by sustainability and equity for all.

“The people most responsible for climate change historically — globally, as well as domestically — are not the same people who are feeling the pain first, worst and longest. If you’re just talking about greenhouse gases and parts per million, you’re not seeing the issues around vulnerability and justice.”

Robert Bullard, distinguished professor of urban planning and environmental policy at Texas Southern University in HoustonSource: