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Guest Blog – Water Conservation and Beautification: Free Resources for Affiliates

By August 22, 2018No Comments

It’s been a hot, dry summer in Texas! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, temperatures were well above average across the state in May through July—with some areas even breaking previously-recorded highs. Meanwhile, our precipitation level was below average. As of August 14, 77 percent of the state was in some level of drought conditions, says the United States Drought Monitor.

Drought is one of the most common and costly types of natural disasters in the United States, according to the NOAA. It can impact the economy, environment, and society by limiting water, impacting habitats, and triggering health and safety problems. There have been several harsh droughts in Texas’ history; notably, the seven-year drought of the 1950s, and the major drought beginning in 2010 and lasting through 2015, according to the Texas Water Development Board.

So, what can we do to save water? One great place to start is by using less of this precious resource in our yards. We know that as a hardworking volunteer or staff member at a Keep Texas Beautiful affiliate, you’re always on the lookout for resources to help beautify your cities. The Take Care of Texas team offers FREE guides to teach homeowners in your community how using less water can yield a yard that’s healthier, and less expensive and easier to maintain. The guides listed below are great to hand out at events, to stock in libraries, or to complement presentations and workshops. Keep reading to learn more or order now.
Photo Credit: Rachel Matvy
  • Take Care of Texas Guide to Yard Care: If you look at just one single guide, make it this one. This publication provides an overview of environmentally friendly landscape practices that will help your community maintain healthy yards, save money, and take care of our state’s varied landscapes.
  • Mulching and Composting: Help people in your city learn how to use mulch and compost food scraps and yard clippings. When applied properly, mulch and compost conserve water, save money, and reduce the need for fertilizers and herbicides.
  • Rainwater Harvesting with Rain Barrels: Many people have become interested in rainwater harvesting. This guide provides readers with an overview of rainwater harvesting and even teaches them how to build their own rain barrel.
  • Landscape Irrigation: Billions of gallons of water are wasted each day due to inefficient irrigation methods and systems, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Help your community avoid water waste and comply with state and local irrigation laws.
  • Managing Lawn Problems in Texas: In this publication, readers will learn how to maintain a healthy lawn while using less water, fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides.
  • Managing 10 Common Texas Yard Pests: Although this publication does not focus on water conservation, using environmentally friendly pest control helps protect water quality.

Learn more about water conservation and beautification by ordering your guides today. Have a specific question? Contact us at 

​Blog Post Written By Rachel Matvy, Take Care of Texas