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Red, white and GREEN Fourth of July

By July 2, 2018No Comments

​The KTB team would like to wish you a happy Independence Day! We encourage you to celebrate with family and friends outdoors, but we also want to remind you to celebrate responsibly and consider the environmental impact of your festivities. We see the impact of a holiday weekend in our parks and waterways, where many affiliates intentionally schedule cleanups directly following a busy weekend. 

We’ve rounded up a list of resources to inspire your Fourth of July celebrations. Whether it’s crafting DIY decorations or greening your BBQing, we have many options to help you keep it red, white and GREEN this year. 

1. Summer Parties with Eco-Flair

This article offers great ideas on sprucing up your outdoor parties with great, eco-friendly alternatives. For example, try “greening your grill” by using natural gas instead of charcoal and opt for reusable plates, cups and utensils! 


2. Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate with Fireworks

This article from highlights best practices if you do plan to have fireworks for your celebrations. It recommends you play with fireworks in only one area of the yard and pick them up as soon as they go out to lessen the chemical waste. You also should properly dispose of them in the trash. Be sure to follow your city ordinances, as many cities now prohibit the use of fireworks. Always practice safety and aim to be eco-friendly with your fireworks this holiday! 


3. KTB Pinterest

We’ve compiled a list of eco-friendly holiday and party ideas on one convenient board to inspire creativity and help you plan your Fourth of July festivities. Some of our favorite ideas includes reusing an old white t-shirt to tie dye it red, white and blue, or creating a photo booth backdrop out of unused fabric and decorations. 

Check it out here:

Whatever your plans for the holiday, we hope that you will celebrate your pride for our nation by helping to keep it clean and beautiful. Visit our website for a list of affiliates near you and helpful resources to keep your community clean and beautiful. Have a safe and happy fourth of July!