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Interning with Keep Texas Beautiful: My experience working with a non-profit

By December 6, 2019No Comments

 Coming up to my last semester in college, the anxiety of stepping out into the world and starting my career seemed quite overwhelming. It was a tad far-fetched to interview in such a competitive field with such little work experience outside of school. I needed an opportunity to advance in my profession before I crossed the stage. I needed to look for an internship that allowed me to learn and practice what I’ve studied with my degree. 

This was my first time searching for an internship. I wasn’t sure where to start or what to expect. Will it just consist of coffee runs, or will I be able to contribute to the organization? Well, that’s the great thing about interning with a non-profit. Your work will always have meaning to it.

After searching for an internship for months, I came across Keep Texas Beautiful. When I met with my new project manager, I was asked: “What do you hope to get from this internship?”
I replied that I needed to grow and be confident in my skills once I graduated. Without hesitation, she confirmed that what I asked for could be done, and it was.

On my first day at KTB, I was welcomed with open arms. I was greeted by the hardworking staff at Keep Texas Beautiful, fully informed about what the organization means and how they contribute to the Texas community. Meeting each staff member and seeing how they dedicate their time to make an impact was inspiring. It made me realize how important working with a non-profit truly is and just how valued my work there would be. Needless to say, I was excited to get started.

As the marketing and communications intern, I was not only able to find what I looked for in an internship, but I received what I NEEDED to succeed. Each project and task, both big and small, taught me something different. Whether it was creative freedom and writing skills with blogs and social media, the tools and steps used to run a campaign, research techniques for distributing press releases, or software skills in designing and organizing web pages, there was a lesson in everything I did. My participation and help with projects was truly valued here, and with each task completed, I was assigned another that contributed to my growth even more. They believed and trusted in me.

I was able to witness a company merger and the strategies that went along with the campaigns. I had the opportunity to participate in brainstorming ideas and cultivating reports and statics from prior events, and I contributed to the community outreach and research required to run the campaigns for KTB’s biggest annual event. There was no doubt that my work was preparing me for my future.

Now that I’m one week away from receiving my diploma, I can say that my anxiety is out the window. I’m eager to start my journey, and I thank this wonderful non-profit and the incredible staff at Keep Texas Beautiful for providing me with the tools I needed to continue my professional growth.

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