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Check out what communities have been up to with the EPA Trash Free Water Projects! In efforts to prevent the flow of litter into the Gulf of Mexico, the EPA granted Keep Texas Beautiful funding to initiate efforts within Texas communities. Here are some examples of how the funds have been used.

EPA Trash-Free Waters Projects

The Buffalo Bayou Partnership is measuring the volume of floatable trash captured by booms installed in the Turkey Bend oxbow.

The city of San Marcos has installed this Gabion Wall at a popular truck stop. This helps prevent litter overflow from the stop from reaching the San Marcos river.

The city of McAllen installed a boom at the Champion Lakes Golf Course with the help of the Public Works Dept. This helps prevent the flow of litter into local storm drains.

The Galveston Bay Foundation has used funds to promote GBAN. GBAN is a user-friendly web tool that residents and visitors to the Galveston Bay area can use to report pollution and other water quality issues in the area. This tool automatically routes to the correct authority to address the issue.

Black Cat GIS designed these stickers to help promote the STOP litter audit method (Stop, Track, Remove and Prevent). These stickers are used for education and outreach efforts.