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Celebrate Earth Month

By April 4, 2019No Comments

Spring is in full bloom! April is upon us, which means it is Earth Month! Earth Month is an entire 30 days dedicated to environmental education, impact, and appreciation. It’s a great opportunity to observe the wonder of the planet, and to take steps to help improve it. In honor of this month long holiday, we created a guide of various ways to celebrate Earth Month and the planet it is dedicated to. 

KTB Youth

 Youth Programs

Earth Month is jam-packed with family friendly activities aimed at teaching youth about the planet. From recycling to tracking your carbon footprint, these events and activities can teach kids valuable information on how we impact the Earth. With huge celebrations like the wildly popular EarthX, the Dallas area offers an array of kid-friendly options. The Houston Children’s Museum is throwing Earth Day Bash and it is sure to be a blast. McAllen’s Quinta Mazatlan is hosting Earth Day in the Dirt for those who want to get their hands dirty for the environment. In San Antonio, there is the virtual 2019 Earth Day 5K & 10K that allows participants to run the race at any location and at their own pace. This would allow families to run the race together in their neighborhood or their favorite park while raising proceeds for a great cause! Austin area youth will have an amazing time eating and learning about the planets at local events like Earth Day Austin. No matter what region of the state you live in, there is an event in your neck of the woods that will get youth outside and show them the importance of loving the planet!

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 Earth Day Every Day

Although there are many free ways to celebrate Earth Month, there are products you can purchase that can help make Earth Day every day. There are many items you can buy that will help you lead more sustainable lifestyle. From toothpaste tablets, to sustainable bed sheets, there are an increasing amount of eco-friendly products. Reusable food wraps and produce bags are a great way to make your kitchen more eco-friendly. A favorite among shoppers are reusable tote bags. They are a great replacement for plastic grocery bags, and can be used for much more than shopping. Whatever you choose, regardless of size or price, you will positively impact the planet. Every small change is immensely valuable to the planet! 

Calendar of Events


One of the best ways to directly impact the planet is to get out and volunteer in one of many activities that will be held this month. From cleanups to gardening, there are so many ways to help the environment. With The Great American Cleanup and Don’t Mess With Texas Trash-Off in full swing, countless KTB affiliates are hosting cleanups. In honor of Earth Month, many KTB affiliates are hosting beautification and recycling events. Want to volunteer, but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Volunteer at your local Earth Month celebrations. By running an education stand or booth, you can help spread valuable environmental information. The opportunities are endless if you want to get out and volunteer for your planet this Earth Month! Find your local affiliate here. You can find a link to KTB affiliates event calendar here

 Host Your Own Events

There is nothing better than celebrating a holiday with your family, friends, and community. For this month long holiday, get creative and host your own Earth Month themed event or activity! A great idea for active groups is to host an Earth Month 5K run! 5k runs are family friendly, and donations from the run can go to an organization that helps foster environmental impact in your community. For those who like to get their hands dirty, have your own gardening party! Get group together at your local community garden, and let your imagination run wild. You can keep it small and spruce up the community garden by planting flowers, vegetables, fruits, and trees. You can go big and have food, games, and a gardening class. There are so many other event ideas like hosting your own cleanup or environmental education event. The options are endless!

Earth Month is a month long holiday that pushes people to consider how wonderful our planet is and what we can do to protect it. This year, get out and celebrate Earth Month. Whether you attend an annual event, or create a new one, take the opportunity to spread awareness, get educated, and show your appreciation for this planet we all love! 

Blog Post Written By Morgan Johnson, Communications Intern.