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New Year’s Resolutions: A Green 2018

By December 15, 2017November 17th, 2023No Comments

Happy New Year! Last year we enjoyed great success as individuals, community affiliates, and as an extended Keep Texas Beautiful family and we hope to make this year even better. In the spirit of resolution-making, we at KTB would like to give you a few resolution ideas to help you keep Texas beautiful in 2018.

    • Participate in the Don’t mess with Texas Trash Off: Part of Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup, The Don’t mess with Texas Trash Off is Texas’ signature event of the Great American Cleanup and was hugely successful last year. Be the reason it’s even bigger this year! The event will take place on April 7, and don’t forget to request trash-bags, promotional materials, and other necessary items to ensure that your event will be a success.
    • Commit to not using straws at restaurants: Did you know that the U.S. uses over 500 million straws a day? Help curb excessive plastic use by resolving not to use plastic straws in restaurants this new year. Click here for more information.
    • Get your local schools involved with the Don’t mess with Texas Art Contest: Young Texans are the most at risk of littering. Help keep our state beautiful in 2018 by motivating our elementary, middle, and high school students to support sustainability through the Don’t mess with Texas Art Contest! Starting January 16, students have the opportunity to submit original artwork and win prizes. Reach out your local schools and teachers to get them involved today!
    • Encourage sustainability in your municipality: One way to create positive change in your community is to get involved in your city or town’s politics. Commit to attending your town hall meetings this new year to lend green practices your voice in your community.
    • Join our affiliate network: If you are not already part of our affiliate network, there is no better way to prepare for a sustainable year than joining or starting an affiliate organization! You can locate a nearby affiliate group to join by visiting our website. If you are a member of a community group, apply to become an affiliate this year! Benefits of affiliation include access to KTB’s partner organizations, our annual education conference, and access to grants, awards and trainings. Affiliates also receive free supplies, signs and volunteer incentives to support their programs. Learn more about affiliation and submit your application here.
    • Pick up one piece of trash a day: Another great way to keep Texas beautiful this new year is to collect and dispose of one piece of trash each day this year. Every piece counts, and over the course of 2018, your efforts will add up! For inspiration check out @365daysofhiking on Instagram.

What resolutions are you making in 2018?

How will you support your environment and community?


As we head into the new year, these are only a few ways to help keep Texas clean and beautiful for everyone. Remember, the everyday decisions add up! Let’s all resolve to do something that will help keep our state clean this year and in the years to come.