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The Return of RACA

By July 13, 2018No Comments

Keep Texas Beautiful is excited to announce the return of our RACA program. RACA stands for River Access and Conservation Areas and is our designation for grant funding provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) for river cleanups throughout the state.

What is RACA?

TPWD has signed lease agreements that allow public river access across private land. Anglers and paddlers may use these leased areas for fishing and launching kayaks, canoes or other non-motorized boats. The RACA grant funding encourages our affiliates and other community groups to access these lands and conduct cleanups.

Who can participate in RACA cleanups?

RACA cleanups are open to all affiliates and outside groups. The only stipulation is that you must clean one of nine specific sites designated by TPWD. You can find these sites and detailed information here.

Where are the RACA sites located?

RACA sites are located all over the state and range from the Colorado River near Smithville to the Guadalupe River near Canyon Lake. You can choose a site near Corpus Christi on the Lower Nueces River or the South Llano River near Junction. The Brazos River site is just south of Lake Whitney and the San Marcos River option is just south of Austin. You can even cleanup on the Devil’s River at a site only accessible by kayak/canoe. Most options are found out in our natural areas, but beautiful and worth the trip. Let’s see how far you are willing to go to help keep Texas rivers clean.

 What makes RACA different than other cleanup programs?

RACA cleanups will receive our standard waterways supply kit; which includes trash, recycle and onion bags, gloves, litter grabbers, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kits and Ivy X. In addition, RACA also allows groups to invoice for reimbursement towards any supplies and services used for the cleanup that were not covered by our kit. This could include kayak/canoe rental, waders, water boots and coolers or services, such as large debris removal and dumpster rental.

How do I sign my group up for a RACA cleanup?

Visit our website at to get detailed information, register and request supplies, access valuable resources and forms.

How do I participate in someone else’s RACA cleanup?

RACA will begin in August and there are already three events planned. To participate, contact our event coordinators below or keep watch on our Calendar of Events to see when future dates are added.

Upcoming RACA cleanups:
August 5 Colorado River (2 locations) – Keep Bastrop County Beautiful
August 25 Neches River – Keep Chandler Beautiful

For more information contact Karen Maldonado at or call 1-800-CLEAN-TX. Thank you for helping us to keep Texas rivers clean!

​Blog ​​post written by Programs Coordinator, Karen Maldonado.