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I am hosting a cleanup. What’s next?

By February 13, 2018No Comments
So you’re hosting a KTB cleanup in your community with us. Congrats! I’m sure you’re thinking, now that I’ve committed to doing this, what’s next? We’ve pulled together a few helpful tips to make sure your spring cleanup is a success:

What type of cleanup am I?

We offer several types of cleanups in the spring, so how you label your cleanup will be important for promotions, toolkits and reporting purposes. A few tips to help you figure it out:

Great American Cleanup/GAC – offered March 1 – May 31. This event is supported by Keep America Beautiful. Cleanup activities can include beautifying parks and recreation areas, cleaning waterways, handling recycling collections, picking up litter, removing graffiti, planting trees and conducting educational programs and litter-free events — anything that keeps your community beautiful! Anyone can participate in a GAC cleanup.

Don’t mess with Texas® Trash-Off – offered April 1 – April 30. The Trash-Off event is taking place April 7 across the state. The Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off is part of TxDOT’s litter prevention program, which includes Don’t mess with Texas, Adopt-a-Highway and a grassroots partnership with Keep Texas Beautiful. This program supports efforts to clear Texas roadsides of trash. Everyone can participate!

Scout Pack – working with scouts, youth or looking for a creative way to earn your Soil & Water Conservation Badge or complete your It’s Your Planet – Love It Journey? Have your group participate in any of our cleanups, where you’ll not only help the environment, but you can also receive our Don’t mess with Texas®Trash Off patch.

Have I registered correctly?
We recommend a few steps to make sure you’ve registered correctly for your cleanup:

Affiliates and Non-Affiliates – complete the GAC/DMWTTO Materials Request form for supplies. Please do this with at least three weeks’ notice.

Submit your event to our KTB events calendar. Affiliates must sign in to submit an event; Non-Affiliates, please submit our calendar event registration form.

You will receive a notification from KTB when your requests have been completed. We will then promote your cleanup on our statewide calendar!

How do I prepare for my event?
By the time you have registered your event, your community or organizing group should have picked a location for your cleanup. Come up with a plan to dispose of the trash and recyclables you collect properly. Visit the site in advance of the cleanup date to determine where to set up a check-in station, where to leave bags of trash and recyclables and what areas volunteers will clean. Take a look at our GAC Toolkit and DMWTTO Toolkit to find volunteer fact sheets, cleanup guides, release forms, sample safety speeches, sign-in sheets and more to prepare for your big event! Shortly before your event date, you will receive a package from Keep Texas Beautiful with your complimentary cleanup supplies and data report card. Day of, be sure to take plenty of action shots and before and after pics to notate all of your volunteer’s hard work.

Q: What cleanup events are happening in my area?

A: Check out our calendar of events to volunteer, or sign up to host your own! 


How do I get the word out?
Now that you’re hosting an event, naturally, you’ll want to recruit volunteers to join! Reach out to your closest network to coordinate a team of day-of supporting volunteers to assist with welcoming, registration and Q&A from general volunteers. In our online toolkits, you’ll find several resources for recruitment including social media guides, promotional posters, event logos, sample press releases and more. Working with sponsors and partners? Ask them to help spread your message with pre-written social media posts and email templates. The more word-of-mouth in your community, the more hands-on support you can get during your cleanup event.

What do I do after the cleanup?
Now that the hard work is over, we encourage you to promote and celebrate your cleanup’s success! Share some of your photos from the big day online with #GAC2018 and #DMWTTO2018 and tag @KeepTxBeautiful. You can also access and submit your wrap-up report on our website, using your data card from the cleanup day.

That’s it! After the cleanup dates are over, Keep Texas Beautiful will tally all of the hard work across the state and share wrap-up reports and results from all of our volunteer’s hard work. With your support, we’ll continue to make our state the best place to live, work and play.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Contacts us at or if an Affiliate, log into your private portal to visit our Q&A Forum to post a question. 


Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off (DMWTTO)

Great American Cleanup (GAC)

Scout Pack