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Apply for the 2017 Native Garden Grants!

By August 14, 2017No Comments

Keep Texas Beautiful, in partnership with AEP Texas, is excited to announce the 2017 Keep Texas Beautiful Native Garden Grants! Coinciding with National Planting Day on September 9, the Native Garden Grants will be awarded to communities looking to create and improve demonstration gardens that promote native species. 

In previous years, more than 1,000 hours of volunteer time were contributed to plant 500 flowers and countless trees in various sustainable gardens throughout Texas. These gardens will serve as a model to educate and engage people to grow native species in their own gardens! 

Steps to Apply: 

  • KTB affiliates must have Gold Star, Silver Star or Good Standing Status
  • Designate an area that has been given permission to build a garden on 
  • Fill out application on KTB’s website
  • Document how drought and water restrictions have affected the community

Native plant species are especially crucial to the environment in protecting biodiversity. Native plants serve as the foundation to our ecosystem and do a much better job in supplying food and shelter to native animal species than introduced plants. They also develop their own natural defenses to diseases and pests which requires less pesticide use and more opportunity for organic plant and vegetable growth! 

The Native Garden Grants aim to help communities pave the way for sustainable environmental growth and will provide $800.00 grant, materials such as sunblock, gardening gloves and garbage bags, as well as additional support to help make sure every event is a success. Applications are due by September 8

Blog post written by Keep Texas Beautiful Intern, Rachel O’Donnell