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Making Halloween Décor Sustainable

By October 22, 2021No Comments

Autumn is here which means pumpkin patches, cooler weather (hopefully), and most importantly Halloween! This season, consider ditching the energy inefficient plastic Halloween decorations and opt for these cute, sustainable, and kid-friendly decorations instead!

Let those creative juices flow into new sustainable decorations for your haunted house. According to an Ekzo blog, on average, one trick-or-treater will produce up to one pound of waste each year between decorations, packaging, and costumes. Much of the waste found is from single-use plastics that you find in packaging or single-use decorations. Reusing your leftover trash and crafts can be a fun way to get in the spooky spirit without breaking the bank.

 Get The Gourds

This may seem like an obvious choice during the spooky season, but pumpkins are a great way to decorate while being eco-friendly. Carved or painted, pumpkins are an easy way to decorate and can be composted after the season. You can also toast pumpkin seeds after carving for a delicious and savory treat.

 Paper Plate Ghost

This decoration is easy and a great way to use leftover paper plates around the house! All you need is paper plates, black and white construction paper, and streamers to make this spooky friend. Tie a ribbon at the top to hang it up or switch up the colors and characters to create a whole family of monsters to scare anyone who comes around the corner.

Monster Jars

Grab your toxic-free paint and left-over jars to create Halloween monsters to show your trick-or-treaters the way. With a bundle of battery or solar powered string lights, this DIY is a great way to light the night or create cute centerpieces in your home. This craft can be stored and used year after year, making this project sustainable and eco-friendly.  

Toilet Paper Mummies 

Using leftover toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make these cute mummies is a great way to reduce waste and increase the spooky vibes. Add some toilet paper or gauze and googly eyes to create a not-so-scary mummy for your entrance or mantle.  

 Spider Web

Have some extra yarn laying around? Use it take make these cute spider webs to spruce up your patio this season. Intertwine the yarn to create a spider like web to catch all the scares this Halloween. Add some flair and make spiders out of left-over bottle caps or cardboard boxes and pipe cleaners!

Buying to Reuse

If you don’t have time to make Halloween crafts this season, buying decorations that can be reused every year could be a good option instead. This way, less trash is produced by buying or throwing away single-use décor. Switch out plug-in lights for solar-powered options to light up your haunted house, and invest in durable decorations for many Halloweens to come!  


Blog written by Katie Harris, KTB Intern