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KTB Awards: Individuals and Organizations

By November 30, 2017No Comments

It’s almost time for the 2018 Keep Texas Beautiful Awards! These awards recognize the efforts made by individuals and organizations to enhance their communities and protect the Texas environment. The nomination reporting opens on January 15, 2018. All nominations and payment must be submitted online by Friday, February 16, 2018. Late, emailed, mailed or faxed entries will be automatically disqualified.

One winner per category will be selected and recognized at the annual KTB Conference. Please note award categories may differ from previous years. Listed below are the current award categories available for application:

  • Keep Texas Beautiful Leadership Award*: The most prestigious award Keep Texas Beautiful presents, this once in a lifetime distinction is awarded to an individual who has provided outstanding leadership in improving and enhancing the environment of their community, the state of Texas and beyond.
  • OP Schnabel Senior Citizen Award*: Recognizes senior citizens (age 65+) who demonstrate positive, dynamic and selfless public-spirited leadership in enhancing their local community environment during their lifetime.
  • Ed Davis Litter Law Enforcement Award*: Once in a lifetime award recognizing a law enforcement professional who has gone above and beyond in their approaches to enforcement of environmental laws and regulations.Winner receives a cash prize.
  • Volunteer of the Year: Recognizes individuals who support the mission of KTB through extraordinary efforts and contribute to the betterment of their community.
  • Ebby Halliday & Maurice Acers Business/Industry Award: Recognizes businesses with sound environmental principles supporting the Keep Texas Beautiful mission, including locally owned, state, or national businesses.
  • Civic Organization Award: Recognizes contributions by civic organizations supporting the KTB mission through projects or programs.
  • Government Award: Recognizes outstanding contributions to the Texas environment made by city/county/state government departments, divisions or agencies.
  • Media Award: Recognizes the public awareness and education efforts of print or electronic media in supporting environmental issues.

*If applicable, nominate in only one Lifetime Achievement category.


Background/History: Provide a profile of the nominee, including their history of sustained engagement with the local affiliate or other community environmental organization(s). (10 points, 300 words maximum)

Leadership: Explain how the nominee’s leadership efforts impacted the success of a project or program, including but not limited to what was required to accomplish the project/program and the long-term impact on the community. (20 points, 300 words maximum)

Impact: Describe how, through their involvement, the quality of life in the community has been enhanced. Include number of participants/volunteers, hours donated and/or other applicable statistical information. (20 points, 300 words maximum)

Innovation: Describe unique and/or creative ways in which the nominee when above and beyond the call of duty. (20 points, 300 words maximum)

KTB Mission: Describe how the nominee supports the KTB mission, “to educate and engage Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment.” (20 points, 300 words maximum)

Supplemental Materials: Used to substantiate the responses in your written summary. Upload 2-5 items, such as newspaper articles, letters of recognition, photographs, awards and printed brochures.(10 points)

Steps to Apply

  1. Fill out the application on the KTB website nominating a person of your choice.
  2. Upload your supplemental materials.
  3. Pay a $15 processing fee.
  4. Congratulations! You’ve submitted a nomination!

Award winners will be posted on the KTB website by Friday, March 23, 2018. All award winners will be recognized at the annual Keep Texas Beautiful Conference held June 11-13, 2018 in Georgetown. For more information on the KTB Awards, check out the awards page of our website.

Nelda Laney, 2008 Bluebonnet Award Winner