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KTB 101: Acronyms

Are you versed in the KTB lingo? When I began working at Keep Texas Beautiful, I admittedly was not. I actually printed a list of KTB acronyms to refer to, so I could know what everyone was talking about! Affiliates would call and email wanting supplies for the GAC (Great American Cleanup) and DMWTTO (Don't mess with Texas Trash-Off), asking about the next WIP (Waste in Place) training, or needing information on GCAA (Governor's Community Achievement Awards). Luckily, I caught on quickly and had a handy document to refer to. It occurred to us that maybe our KTB audiences may not be familiar with every acronym, since there are so many. 

So, we're sharing our list of KTB Acronyms with you! From AAB (Adopt-A-Beach) to YSD (Youth Service Day), we are sharing a KTB 101 of acronyms we use on day to day basis. This way, when we share an email or social post referring to KWTC (Keep Texas Waterways Clean) or about our new BOD (Board of Directors), you'll know exactly what we're talking about! 

Check out our A-Z acronyms below. Are you familiar with all of them? 

Blog Post Written By Brianna Fuller, Communications Coordinator.

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