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Giving Thanks: Supporters

By November 10, 2017No Comments
Waste Management staff with KTB staff after donating to the Think Green Grant.

This Thanksgiving week, Keep Texas Beautiful would like to give thanks each day to a different member of our Keep Texas Beautiful family. Check this blog each day in the lead-up to Thanksgiving to learn more about the wonderful people and organizations who create positive change in Texas.

Today, Keep Texas Beautiful would like to give thanks to our supporters whose charitable donations allow Keep Texas Beautiful and our affiliate network to function at a high level.

Our supporters, whom can be found listed on our website, fund and help organize programs across Texas that do incredible things for local communities. Some examples of these programs are:

  • The Fall Sweep
  • Keep Texas Waterways Clean
  • Waste in Place
  • Green Bag Grants
  • Native Garden Grants
  • Youth Patch Program

Our supporters’ charity allows our affiliate network and Keep Texas Beautiful to function, and without our partners, more than 5 million pounds of trash would not have been collected from Texas landscapes this past year. In addition, supporter funding allowed 1,084 trees to be planted, 11,580 flowers to be planted, and 294 community gardens to be created this past year alone. Donations and sponsorships also allow for over 2 million dollars to be allocated to Keep Texas Beautiful affiliates in the form of grants and awards to be used to create and expand local community improvement projects, which beautify and unify Texas neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Our supporters also enable us to host the annual Keep Texas Beautiful conference, which features over 30 different educational sessions. There, we educate more than 500 attendees from partners and Texas affiliates on how to further engage their communities and improve sustainability efforts.

Not only do our supporters allow for the education of the current generation, but generations of future Texans to come. Through programs such as Waste in Place, the youth patch program and scout packs, supporter funding enables Keep Texas Beautiful and our affiliate network to engage and teach young students across Texas about proper conservation and sustainability practices, as well as the value of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Because of our supporters’ dedication to our common goals, the future of Texas looks beautiful.

We at Keep Texas Beautiful are both awed and incredibly thankful for the kindness and support shown by our supporters this year, and every year. This Thanksgiving, Keep Texas Beautiful is thankful for our supporters and their incredible generosity that allows so many Texans to keep our great state beautiful.

If you or your organization is interested in donating to Keep Texas Beautiful or becoming a sponsor or member, please visit our website.