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Eco-friendly Summer

By July 27, 2018No Comments

Texas summer is in full swing. It’s the season to lay out by the pool, vacation with family and do your best to survive the heat. This lull in the year also provides a great opportunity to get organized and take stock of aspects of your life that may otherwise go unattended. Your environmental impact may be on that list, and understandably so! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused by how and what you should be doing to care for the environment. 

This is what we’re here for – to remind you that even the smallest changes in your routine can make a difference in your environment. We’re providing you with a helpful list of tools, ideas and resources to jump start your environmental efforts this summer. 

Austin Public Library created a list of staff-picked books on all things eco-friendly. It’s includes many great reads to inform you on sustainability and the environment. Reading is especially a great downtime during the summer. Check out the list HERE

Yes, this is a mouthful, but a product like this is a great way to start to reduce your environmental impact. Package Free offers this great sunscreen without the plastic bottle at a very reasonable price, and other great eco-friendly products, as well! We encourage you to think of other products you use daily like makeup, tooth paste, household cleaners and research/purchase eco-friendly alternatives. These days, there are a wealth of options out there to meet your needs and help protect the earth! Check out Package Free’s Summer Essentials HERE.

Photo Credit: Package Free

​”Zero-Waste” can be intimidating. It’s daunting to think of completely ridding your life of any waste. We understand, however we encourage small changes to at least minimize your waste. This can include investing in reusable stasher bags, making homemade household products or using reusable napkins. HERE‘S a handy list of 100 tips to help minimize your waste. Also, head over to our blog to read KTB Executive Director, Suzanne Kho’s, experience in zero-waste travel! 

4. Going Green Pinterest

KTB Pinterest is a great tool to use to inspire green initiatives! Our GOING GREEN board has informative infographics, DIY recipes, products to purchase, gardening tips and so much more! Check it out for some creative ways to have a better impact on the environment. 

​There are many ways to enjoy an eco-friendly summer. We hope this list encourages you to spend a little time this summer thinking of ways to lessen your environmental imprint and help keep Texas a clean and beautiful place to live, work and play! 

​Blog Post Written by Brianna Fuller