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Affiliate of the Month: Keep Tyler Beautiful

By October 13, 2020No Comments

If there is one word to describe Keep Tyler Beautiful it would be community. Keep Tyler Beautiful (KTyB) was created in 1995 with the mission to encourage beautification, waste reduction, and recycling activities in the community.

The success behind our beautification projects and recycling efforts is due to the men and women who invest their valuable time in KTyB programs. From local artists, beekeepers, business owners, city leaders, to accomplished students, they all contribute to the beautification process of our City. Programs such as the Beauty and the Box, Adopt-a-Spot, and Tyler Against Graffiti represent our residents’ icommitment to keeping Tyler beautiful. 

Beauty and the Box: locals take ownership of busy intersections

When you offer residents a platform to share their own stories, the outcome is contagious! One of the many programs we facilitate is the installation of artwork on traffic signal control cabinets. The program “Beauty and the Box” is open for anyone in our community to sponsor. We have witnessed businesses, local corporations, and even private families sponsor the making and wrapping of art on these metal control cabinets. Some have marketing motives and others have personal stories to tell. The one shared motive we see from all our sponsors is the desire to publicly display art.

One of our most recent sponsors were two parents who found joy in sharing art created by their deceased son. The art piece was printed and installed near their son’s favorite hangout spot for all his friends and family to enjoy. Soon after the story was shared our phones were flooded with sponsorship calls. This example shows the heart of our residents and the value they place in meaningful local art. 

The Beauty and the Box program began with the wrapping of ten boxes in 2016. Fast forward to 2020, and we now have more than 60 wrapped traffic signal control cabinets. 

 Adopt-a-Spot: anti-litter movement takes on community concern

In 1998, the very first KTyB street cleanup was led by a local organization. Twenty-two years later the anti-litter and waste reduction movement has turned into a program we now call Adopt-a-Spot.

All types of civic groups and families can adopt a street, park, or campus and help keep the area litter-free. Our key to success with Adopt-a-Spot is not on how we promote the program but id miainly due to the true commitment and concern our residents place in keeping Tyler beautiful.

In 2019, under the Adopt-a-Spot program, there was a total of 397 acres of parks and 48.4 miles of roadway adopted. 

 Tyler Against Graffiti: Murals help activate Tyler’s empty spaces

The struggle to eliminate illegal graffiti can be a long battle to fight for city officials. However, we understand our residents are the eyes and ears of what is happening in their own neighborhoods, therefore, we provide an anti-graffiti hotline along with mural opportunities.

We have taken steps in providing public spaces to showcase local artists. The artwork not only beautifies our city but also helps combat graffiti in the blank area of our City. We have had great success and can say, so far, none of the spaces filled with art have been graffitied. 

Interested in learning more about Keep Tyler Beautiful and their successful programs? Visit the City of Tyler website to learn more. 

Blog post written by Belen Casillas, Community Coordinator of Keep Tyler Beautiful.