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Affiliate of the Month: Embracing Our New Normal While Keeping Brady Beautiful

By July 7, 2020No Comments

Keep Brady Beautiful is proudly established in the heart of Texas. We are so proud of where we have gotten. Forever grateful for our volunteers, without them none of our great accomplishments could have been possible. We have done various lake clean-ups, trash offs, and Adopt-A-Highway cleanups. Sadly because of Covid-19 concerns, our Adopt-a-Highway and Trash-off events have been postponed. We have been brainstorming on how we can keep engaging with our community so that Keep Brady Beautiful is not forgotten and so that our positive impact is not diminished.

Keep Brady Beautiful hosted its first-ever “recycling” themed Art Contest in June. Art Contest consisted of five age groups, and one winner of each group was awarded a $25 gift card along with a crafty goodie bag. Celebration night with all our participants was held at the Brady Civic Center. Participants were greeted at the door with a “Sanitation Station” allowing the opportunity for guests to mask up for safety. Submitted art was put up on display with ample spacing. In order to follow food safety precautions, cake slices were boxed, and punch was served in cups with lids. We were able to engage with new faces, taking our name further into the community. We will be coming out with a 2021 calendar using the art generated by the art contest. Our number of engagements did go up on our Facebook page in correlation with the contest, proof that our effort to keep engaging with our community was successful.

Moving on to more ways to engage with our community while keeping safe, we have come up with “Walk Around Your Block” this is an event where participants are encouraged to take a stroll around their residential block with a garbage bag in picking up loose particles of litter. When finished participants will then upload a picture with #WalkAroundYourBlock this will then help spread the word of the importance of proper trash disposal. Gloves, trash bags, and vests will be available at the City of Brady Service Center during operating hours. Participants will then be entered a drawing for their very own grabber! We will be giving away a total of three grabbers, we hope that this encourages winners to keep on doing their good deeds even when they are not in a spotlight. “Walk Around Your Block” is scheduled to take place from July 18th to July 26th giving ample time for participants to pick their day.

We have also partnered up with STS Electronic Recycling Inc. for Electronic Recycling. We will be holding this event Monday August 10th through Friday August 14th. We hope that this event gives residents the opportunity to responsibly get rid of some of their unwanted electronics.

Covid-19 is going to be here for a long while, we need to try our best to keep on working together at a safe distance. Feels like there is more waste being created by takeout containers, improper disposal of gloves and masks. Awareness of proper disposal of these items are shared on our Facebook Page. We invite you to visit, lots of fun content to check out.

We are embracing our new normal here in Brady and we will not stop trying to Keep Brady Beautiful!

Blog post written by Valerie Gonzalez, Municipal Court Clerk, Keep Brady Beautiful Committee Member.