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Staff Blog: KTB Staff Health Challenge

​Here at KTB, the end of Conference season marks the beginning of the Recharge, Rejuvenate, and Refresh season! To celebrate, this year we decided to compete in a Staff Health Challenge. 

The ultimate goal of this challenge was to refocus our energy on keeping our bodies and minds beautiful, the same way we strive to keep Texas beautiful.

Anyone on KTB staff, including interns, were able to compete. We used the honor system and the back of a soon-to-be-recycled conference poster to keep track of participation points. 

In order to earn points, you needed to do something healthy and/or mindful for yourself. Some of the point earning actions included but were not limited to:

      • ​Drinking plenty of water
      • Going for a walk
      • Eating leafy greens
      • Sleep seven or more hours a night
      • Daily walk, run or cardio
      • Up to date doctor, dentist, eye, etc. appts. 
      • % weight change 
      • Making a homemade meal 
      • and Other healthy wellness and self-care! 

The challenge was set to begin on Wednesday, June 27th and wrap up on Friday, July 27th, giving us 30 days to break old, bad habits and start new, healthy ones.

Some of us excelled while others struggled, but we continued to support each others efforts and all made it to the end. On Wednesday, August 1st, Brianna, KTB's Communications Coordinator, was declared winner of the challenge with 114 points. Second place went to Rebekah, KTB's Communications Director. Congrats to our winners! 

Here at KTB, we think it's important to motivate and rejuvenate staff, especially after an event like KTB Conference. We encourage our Affiliates to engage employees and even volunteers in a challenge like this that boosts morale and helps better overall health and wellness. 

Blog Post Written By Programs Intern, Katie Hansen 

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