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Reducing Waterway Pollution

March is waterways cleanup month! Clean waterways are vital to human and environmental health, but they remain one of the most polluted parts of our world. Most of the litter found in waterways, not only those in Texas but those around the world, are a result of single-use plastics (things like plastic bottles, bags, food wrappers, etc.). Besides t...

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Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

​March 20 marks the first official day of spring! Along with the beautiful weather, comes the age old tradition of ​spring cleaning​. Spring cleaning can apply to many aspects of your life and serves as a great excuse to get motivated and organized.  Here at KTB, spring is also when most of our community cleanups are held. We of...

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Keeping Texas Waterways Clean & Beautiful

​Tired of watching trash float down your local stream instead of fish? Do you avoid the beach because there is more than just sand between your toes? (Cigarette butts, yuck!) Check out our Keep Texas Waterways Clean (KTWC) program and help clean it up! Aquatic trash is not only unsightly, it can travel for miles, into larger bodies of water and eve...

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