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KTB Webinar: How you can prevent the spread of invasive species by Keeping Texas Beautiful

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Join us as we discover the impact of invasive species on our local communities, and ways we can minimize their impact! Hosted by Ashley Morgan-Olvera, M.S. the Research and Education Director for which moved to the Texas Invasive Species Institute (TISI) at Sam Houston State University in 2020. Throughout her 12 years at TISI, she has worked extensively with federal, state, and local groups setting up invasive insect, mollusk, and plant pathogen field surveys while participating in Clean Rivers surveys in the Huntsville and Houston areas, setting up outreach initiatives on Citrus Diseases in Texas and developing an Invasive Species Curriculum for Texas High School students. She understands public education is vital to stop the spread of invasive species, and to Keep Texas Beautiful, so she provides training and workshops to motivate others to action against invasive plants and pests


May 10 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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