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Keep Paris Beautiful Tree Giveaway and Electronics Recycling Day

Keep Paris Beautiful/Make Lamar County Shine is proud to announce its 9th Annual Tree Giveaway and Electronics Recycling Day will be held Saturday February 25th from 8 to noon at the Lamar County Courthouse Parking lot. The Texas Forestry Service has graciously donated 1000 bare root seedlings, all hardwoods that thrive in our local soils. The Tree Giveaway will start promptly at 8, with 4 trees allocated to each person in line until all the trees are gone. This year’s tree varieties are Sawtooth Oak and Bald Cypress. This is a popular event in the Paris community, so get there early!

In tandem with the Tree Giveaway, there will be an Electronics Recycling Station where folks can drop off a wide variety of old/broken/unused Electronics equipment. Accepted items include flat screen tvs and monitors, computers, keyboards, cables, dvd players, microwave ovens, appliances, power tools, and more. A more comprehensive list of accepted items follows at the end of this message.

For more information about the tree giveaway please contact Edwin Pickle at Pickle Printing, 903.785.6320. For more information on the Electronics Recycling please contact Robert Talley, City of Paris Code Enforcement Officer at 903.784.9219.

E-waste Recycling List-Accepted
Computers Cell Phones DVD Players
Laptops Tablets VCR’s
Printers MP3 Players Speakers
Modems Flat Screen TV’s Coffee Makers
External Storage Stereo Equipment Microwaves
Flat Screen Monitors Video Equipment Stove Tops
Servers Game Consoles Ovens
Routers / Switches Video Game Carts Mixers / Blenders
Racks Fluorescent Fixtures (No Bulbs)

Crock Pots
All Computer Cables Compressors

Air Fryers

Battery Backup Generators Other Kitchen Items
Copiers Lawn Mowers Fans
Fax Power Tools Heaters
Scanners Lead Acid Batteries Lamps
*We also take Ammunition please box separately and identify the box to the drop-off attendant.
*If possible Please factory reset cell phones and tablets to remove personal data
* We will take Refrigerators, Freezers and Window AC units but the
We do not take CRT TV’s, Monitors or Single
use Alkaline Batteries


Feb 25 2023


Tree giveaway will end when all trees distributed, usually around 9. Electronics Recycling will continue until noon.
8:00 am - 11:55 am


Lamar County Courthouse Parking Lot, Paris Texas


Julia Trigg Crawford
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