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How YOU Can Help Reduce Roadside Litter

Blog Post Written by Colton Mitchell, KTB Intern.  April is Roadside Cleanup Month! Clean roadways are vital to environmental health, so it is super important to do our part to keep them as clean as possible. A large part of the pollution on roadways comes from things people throw out of their car windows, this is detrimental to our envir...

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Don't mess with Texas® Trash-Offs Across Texas

In 1985, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) launched an ad campaign to encourage citizens to take care of their state and stop littering. This slogan has been repeated countless times by presidents, athletes, super stars and ordinary Texans. We all know it well. "Don't mess with Texas!" In the 1990s, KTB joined the effort by encouraging...

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KTB 101: Acronyms

Are you versed in the KTB lingo? When I began working at Keep Texas Beautiful, I admittedly was not. I actually printed a list of KTB acronyms to refer to, so I could know what everyone was talking about! Affiliates would call and email wanting supplies for the GAC (Great American Cleanup) and DMWTTO (Don't mess with Texas Trash-Off)...

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Enter the Don’t mess with Texas® Song Search

Are you or your neighbors passionate about litter prevention? Does seeing trash blemish majestic bluebonnet-lined highways make them sad? Is your city inspired to do your part and more to keep Texas beautiful? Are you or anyone you know musically-inclined? Then your community may be the home of the next Don't mess with Texas music legend. Music sho...

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Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

​March 20 marks the first official day of spring! Along with the beautiful weather, comes the age old tradition of ​spring cleaning​. Spring cleaning can apply to many aspects of your life and serves as a great excuse to get motivated and organized.  Here at KTB, spring is also when most of our community cleanups are held. We of...

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