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How to Increase Biodiversity in Your Own Backyard

What is biodiversity? Biodiversity is the variety of species existing within an ecosystem. This includes plants, animals, and fungi. This is super important because increases in biodiversity boost overall ecosystem productivity and ensure natural sustainability for all life forms. Here is a list of easy ways you can increase biodiversity at home. 1...

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Affiliate of the Month: Keep Irving Beautiful - Much More than Cleanups

"Keep Irving Beautiful? Oh yeah, you do cleanups." We hear that a lot at Keep Irving Beautiful (KIB), the local affiliate of both Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful, but we are so much more than that. KIB serves a diverse population of approximately 240,000 residents and a dynamic, engaged corporate community of more than 9,000 busines...

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Guest Blog: Arbor Day - Texas Style

Hello to all you wonderful KTB folks. The official Texas Arbor Day is November 1, which starts the best time to plant trees in our great state. Mark your calendars, for this special day, as we want to encourage everyone to show your trees some love! Why do we have an Arbor Day you ask? Thanks to J. Sterling Morton's passion for trees and love of na...

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Affiliate of the Month: Helping to Keep Angelina County Beautiful is As Easy As AB/C

Working in Angelina County since 1984, Angelina Beautiful/Clean (AB/C) has a mission to educate and empower East Texans to take responsibility for enhancing their community environment and serves Angelina County and the surrounding area to help make it a cleaner, greener place to live, work and play. AB/C cultivates programs, services and education...

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Share-A-Project: Learn from your Affiliates

​"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." -Bill Nye  Our growing Affiliate Network is home to many diverse organizations. On a day to day basis, Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) sees the success of each organization in big and small ways. While one affiliate is winning a recycling grant, another is on the news promoting their cl...

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Affiliate of the Month: Keep Katy Beautiful on Celebrating Christmas in Katy

Each month, KTB highlights a new affiliate organization on the blog and through an Instagram takeover. This campaign recognizes the diverse organizations working hard to keep Texas beautiful. Check out past highlighted affiliates here.  ​Katy is known to many as the "huge suburb west of Houston," but what many people don't know is that the cit...

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Affiliate of the Month: Keep Odessa Beautiful and their Recycle Fashion Show Program

​The mission of Keep Odessa Beautiful is to empower Odessans to recycle, prevent litter, and beautify our community. Our goal is to educate on the importance of proper waste disposal, waste reduction, and the conservation of our natural resources by encouraging our citizens to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We promote and coordinate litter prevent...

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Affiliate of the Month: Keep Hutto Beautiful on Community Engagement and Hutto Pride

Each month, KTB highlights a new affiliate organization on the blog and through an Instagram takeover. This campaign recognizes the diverse organizations working hard to keep Texas beautiful.  Despite the extreme growth that Hutto has experienced in the last decade, the small-town spirit and heart of the community remains. ...

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Affiliate of the Month: Keep Denton Beautiful on 30+ Years of Beautification and Environmental Efforts

The History of KDB If you mention Keep Denton Beautiful (KDB) to a Dentonite, you'll likely get a story about how they received a free tree from us, or how they love our murals around town. KDB's history expands over three decades of beautification efforts. In 1987, Denton's City Council saw a need to beautify their small college town. At that time...

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Guest Blog - Water Conservation and Beautification: Free Resources for Affiliates

It's been a hot, dry summer in Texas! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, temperatures were well above average across the state in May through July—with some areas even breaking previously-recorded highs. Meanwhile, our precipitation level was below average. As of August 14, 77 percent of the state was in some lev...

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Affiliate of the Month: Keep Pearland Beautiful on the Evolution of Pearland

Since 1982, Keep Pearland Beautiful (KPB) has been empowering Pearland citizens to take responsibility for their environment. Over the years our organization has gone through many changes, shaped by the needs of our residents. For example, in the late 80's KPB managed a once per week drop off center for aluminum cans. Now, we operate a full service...

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