Water Conservation Tips & Tools


Green Pools
When green means eco-friendly, it’s not quite as hard as one might think. Here are some super simple steps to put you on the path of creating a more environmentally friendly pool.

H2O Conserve

Calculate your water footprint, along with learning over 75 water saving tips

Take Care of Texas Water Conservation Tips
Learn 10 easy conservation tips, along with rainwater harvesting information and conservation programs and resources.


Texas Water Restrictions List
List of Texas Public Water Systems limiting usage to avoid shortages. Search by county and neighborhood to see if there are water restrictions being imposed in your area.

Water IQ - Know Your Water
The “Water IQ: Know your water” is a statewide public awareness water conservation program. Through Water IQ, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) provides information on water-efficient practices, raises awareness about the importance of water conservation, and helps Texans use less water.

How to Reduce Your Water Footprint
Eating local saves water, but might not be possible 100% of the time for everyone in the U.S., with seasonal vegetables and the need to import things like bananas and coffee. However, almost everyone can reduce their water footprint by drinking local. Here are some tips on how to reduce your bottled water footprint.