Butterfly Gardening

 Looking for next steps after receiving your package of butterfly garden seeds? You've come to the right place! Please take a few moments to browse our ever-growing selection of resources to ensure your success in planting your migration station and supporting the growth of Texas' Monarch population.

If you've found this page simply through browsing our website, welcome! In order to receive your own complimentary seed packet and help sustain our butterfly population, click here to purchase our 7th edition collectible ornament.

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Bring Back the Monarchs to Texas Grant Program
The purpose of the program is to educate members and the public about Monarch conservation, to produce and distribute milkweeds that support reproduction by Monarch butterflies, and to restore Monarch habitats throughout the Texas migration flyway.
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Garden Seed Mix
Curious about your mix of butterfly garden seeds?
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Butterfly Gardening Tips
Gain some knowledge on the fundamentals of butterfly gardening from universities, museums and gardening clubs.
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Check out what Texas has to offer in the way of butterfly gardens and educational exhibits!
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Partner with statewide agencies who have made it their mission to protect the Monarch population and educate Texans about their survival.
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