EnviroScape Nonpoint Source Model

 Visualize solutions: Interact hands-on with EnviroScape models!

Keep Texas Beautiful has all of the materials you need to teach students how to live environmentally healthy lifestyles packaged and ready to go! All you have to do is ask.

Enviroscapes can be rented from Keep Texas Beautiful for a cost of $50 to cover shipping and wear & tear. There are five models to choose from.

Hazardous Waste Model: The perfect companion to the Household Hazardous Waste Curriculum. This model teaches students potential sources of pollution, pollution prevention methods, and risks associated with contamination.

Landfill Model: The Landfill model demonstrates the difference between modern landfill systems and “dumps” of the past.

Wetlands Model: Learn the value and function of inland and coastal wetlands, as well as activities that harm them, and what can be done to preserve them.

Urban Model: Discover where drinking water comes from, how it
gets delivered to us, and what happens to water after we use it with the urban model.

Bay/Coastal Model: This model demonstrates point and nonpoint
sources of pollution, as well as the effects of pollution on oceans
and coral reefs and resort communities.

EnviroScapes are educational models that demonstrate sources of pollution and pollution prevention methods. For more information, visit the EnviroScapes website.