Texas Parks and Wildlife River Access Project


Keep Texas Beautiful is partnering with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to provide support and supplies for litter clean up events at TPWD River Access and Conservation Area (RACA) sites this year.

We are currently seeking affiliates and other organizations interested in hosting cleanups at RACA sites. KTB and TPWD provide supplies, funds, and other resources to support these cleanup events.

Click here to view a list of RACA sites. To learn more and register an event, please contact Christine Chute Canul.

This project is part of a federal grant from the USDA to build partnerships that offer river access across private property in Texas. KTB and its over 390 affiliates will be responsible for hosting these litter clean up events over the next two years. We hope to improve the state of Texas rivers and streams and in turn, boost tourism and local economies.

Waterway Cleanup Resources

Waterway Cleanup Site Leader Manual and Guide

Waterway Cleanup Event Hosting Toolkit