The Texas Adopt-a-Highway program, which is the premier litter prevention campaign of the Texas Department of Transportation, began in 1985, when the Tyler Civitan Club adopted a two-mile stretch of Highway 69. Within months, more than 50 groups across the region had established themselves as highway adoptees, and the program continues to grow throughout Texas.

Following Texas’ lead, Adopt-a-Highway programs have popped up across the U.S. and spread to Canada, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico. All told, more than 1.3 million volunteers participate in Adopt-a-Highway nationwide.

Adopting a piece of Texas highway is simple:
  • you agree to take charge of a two-mile stretch of road for a minimum of two years; and
  • once approved, you agree to clean your portion of the highway at least four times per year.
The Adopt-a-Highway program will post signs with your group's name along your adopted section of road, and will provide volunteers with safety vests, litterbags and the approprioate training.

For more information on the Texas Adopt-a-Highway program, visit their website. Do your part to keep Texas beautiful!