Graffiti Hurts®

Graffiti in communities hurts everyone, including businesses, schools, homeowners and individuals. It costs cities tens of thousands of dollars each year and often leads to even more graffiti, vandalism and crime.

Graffiti Hurts®, developed by Keep America Beautiful, Inc. through a grant from The Sherwin-Williams Company, is a graffiti prevention program dedicated to raising awareness about the harmful effects of graffiti vandalism on communities.

At the heart of the Graffiti Hurts® Program are four goals:

  • Educate citizens about the importance of graffiti prevention and abatement.
  • Provide communities with tools and resources to respond to graffiti vandalism
  • Help foster partnerships that will encourage involvement from all members of the community in addressing graffiti vandalism
  • Help communities establish anti-graffiti programs that get results, creating healthier, safer, and more livable comunities.
The Graffiti Hurts ® website provides resources to help community leaders take control of the graffiti problem, initiate cleanup activities, and educate youth about the impacts of graffiti vandalism.