Governor's Community Achievement Awards

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2016 Governor's Community Achievement Awards (GCAA). Congratulations to the winning communities!

Category 1: Population up to 3,000
Landscape Award: $90,000

Category 2: Population 3,001-5,500
Landscape Award: $110,000
Van Alstyne

Category 3: Population 5,501-9,000
Landscape Award: $130,000

Category 4: Population 9,001-15,000
Landscape Award: $160,000

Category 5: Population 15,001-25,000
Landscape Award: $180,000

Category 6: Population 25,001-40,000
Landscape Award: $210,000

Category 7: Population 40,001-65,000
Landscape Award: $250,000
North Richland Hills

Category 8: Population 65,001-90,000
Landscape Award: $270,000

Category 9: Population 90,001-180,000
Landscape Award: $290,000

Category 10: Population 180,001+
Landscape Award: $310,000

For the full list of winning communities, please click here.

Applications for the 2017 GCAAs will be made available online in September 2016 and will be due in February 2017.

For more than two decades, Keep Texas Beautiful, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), has awarded the prestigious Governor's Community Achievement Awards to ten Texas communities with the best grassroots environmental programs in the state each year.

The competition distributes $2 million in funding from TxDOT across the 10 communities, with the amount based on population size. The funds are used for landscaping projects along local rights-of-way. A community's environmental program is judged on achievements in seven areas:
  •     Community Leadership and Coordination
  •     Public Awareness
  •     Education
  •     Beautification and Community Improvement
  •     Litter Prevention and Cleanup
  •     Solid Waste Management
  •     Litter Law and Illegal Dumping Enforcement

Landscape Awards by Population Size Categories

Population Category:Landscape Award Of:
Up to 3,000$90,000
3,001 - 5,500$110,000
5,501 - 9,000$130,000
9,001 - 15,000$160,000
15,001 - 25,000$180,000
25,001 - 40,000$210,000
40,001 - 65,000$250,000
65,001 - 90,000$270,000
90,001 - 180,000$290,000

Every community in Texas can win! While many of our applications come from cities and towns that are part of the KTB affiliate network, that is not a requirement. Our goal is to recognize communities who are working diligently to create and sustain comprehensive environmental and beautification programs.

Why should my community apply?
  • Applying for the GCAA creates a written record of your community's environmental achievements, helpful when applying for grants and state funding.
  • Working toward the GCAA brings together various segments of the community, including schoolchildren, adult volunteers and law enforcement, creating a sense of community pride.
  • Studies show that a focus on litter prevention and beautification has positive economic effects on the community, reducing crime rates, and increasing tourism and economic development.
  • Winning a GCAA earns your community positive statewide recognition, prestige in your region and a plaque from TxDOT you can proudly display in a prominent place, such as City Hall.
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Click here to learn more about the Governor's Community Achievement Awards program and view past winning projects.