Form an Affiliate

Congratulations! You have taken an important step by expressing your interest in becoming an official KTB affiliate community. Once you complete and submit the affiliate application, your community will be listed with a Provisional status.

We ask all Provisional affiliates to complete a series of eight steps, after which they will be granted Official affiliate status. Your community will be granted a KTB affiliate sign and you’ll be ready to participate fully in all KTB has to offer! Download the Provisional Affiliate Checklist.

Eight Steps to Becoming a KTB Affiliate:
  1. Review KTB Training materials on provided flash drive (Information on steps 2-8 are provided on the flash drive).
  2. Determine organizational structure (Chapter 3) and determine board membership (Chapter 4).
  3. Prepare mission statement (may use KTB/KAB Mission Statement, Chapters 2 and 3).
  4. Prepare bylaws, organization guidelines, ordinance, and/or resolution for the organization (samples of Training Manual CD).
  5. Get the facts about your community (Chapter 6).
  6. Prioritize the projects that you would like to accomplish in the first year (based on Step 5). KTB only requires participation in one project annually.
  7. Establish a budget (Chapter 11). This may be in-kind.
  8. Develop lists of community/volunteer organizations and media, including any place information may be shared to assist you in accomplishing the projects.

Ready to join the growing network of KTB affiliates? Download and submit the Affiliate Application.