Carton Council

 The Carton Council, formed in 2009, is a group of packaging companies seeking to reduce the environmental impact of cartons by expanding recycling programs across the country and continuously improving cartons’ environmental performance. Through long-term collaborative solutions such as the promotion of recycling technology and local collection programs, the Carton Council strives to divert valuable cartons from landfills throughout the United States.

This partnership will create ample opportunities to uphold the complimentary environmental missions of these two organizations. In alliance with the Carton Council, Keep Texas Beautiful will strengthen its focus on waste reduction through the programs and knowledge that the Carton Council brings to our broad network of community affiliates.

Made mostly from paper, cartons are valuable for their paper fiber which plays a fundamental role in the creation of new products. Adding cartons to a recycling program increases waste diversion, reducing the need for disposal, and offers a potential revenue stream from the sale of cartons. Together, Keep Texas Beautiful and the Carton Council will foster efforts to utilize the carton as a renewable resource that can be used to make new products such as office paper, tissues and building materials.

Hoping to limit the number of cartons that become waste, Keep Texas Beautiful will provide carton recycling resources and training sessions to educate affiliates on the growth of carton recycling in Texas.

“Carton Council is pleased to partner with Keep Texas Beautiful to expand carton recycling across the state," Michele Wagner, regional representative with Carton Council. “We are especially excited to work with KTB affiliates as they are the driving force in so many Texas communities for recycling and waste reduction opportunities.”

Articles and Additional ResourcesIn addition to educating the community, Keep Texas Beautiful hopes that the partnership will integrate carton recycling and encourage participation in various Keep America Beautiful recycling programs like America Recycles Day and Recycle-Bowl.

For more information about cartons and carton recycling, please contact Carton Council via email at or visit our websites – for general information, and for in depth information about adding cartons to your program.